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Windshield Replacement

Get the Best Repair for Your Vehicle

At Aaction Auto Glass, our priority is to ensure the structural integrity of your vehicle and the safety of all its occupants. When possible, Aaction Auto Glass technicians will make every effort to repair your windshield. However, when the damage is too severe to repair, you can feel confident knowing all replacements are performed by certified technicians using the very best materials. Furthermore, all of our installations come with a limited warranty. We offer same day repairs at our location or yours.
We emphasize on the use of genuine glass with correct adhesive (polyurethane) and proper installation to provide a fast, world class and guaranteed service to ensure safety for you and your family. Our Certified Technicians only use the best OE parts to ensure quality and total customer satisfaction.
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FAQS About Windshield Replacement

Most auto glass installers are concerned about passenger safety. We use an adhesive to replace your glass with bond strength equal to that of the manufacturer’s original installation.
The adhesives we use are crash-proven. They test their adhesives by replacing a windshield in a car and crashing it head-on into a solid wall. The risk is too high to rely solely on theories and laboratory tests. Then minimum drive-away times are confirmed through actual vehicle crashes.
The adhesive our auto glass repair technicians use are all subject to severe long-term durability laboratory and field tests to promote lasting performance and long-term safety. Adhesives are exposed to cold, heat, humidity, rain and salt air for years to verify long-term strength.
For safety. It takes time to meet requirements for windshield retention. The longer the urethane cures, the stronger the bond.

Auto Glass Insurance Claim?

We accept all insurance companies, including Allstate, Farm Bureau, Farmer’s, Germania, Progressive, Geico, and USAA among others. We are linked to all their networks, so you can quickly and easily file.
This quickly streamlines the claim process. We will keep you informed every step of the way and get all your questions answered in a timely manner.