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What is ADAS?

ADAS stands for “Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.” It’s a suite of sensors that help your car see its surroundings and react accordingly.

ADAS allows vehicles to react automatically to dangerous situations, cutting down on the number of accidents that occur every year.

Suppose you are driving down I-35 in Temple, TX, and another car cuts in front of you. Your vehicle’s ADAS will automatically apply the brakes to prevent a collision.


Why is ADAS Recalibration important?

ADAS recalibration ensures that your car’s sensors are functioning correctly. If they aren’t, then the vehicle may not be able to detect obstacles or react accordingly.

When your ADAS isn’t working properly, it can lead to collisions and other accidents on the road.

ADAS recalibration should be performed any time your vehicle’s sensors are disrupted. ADAS recalibration is an integral part of vehicle maintenance that you do not want to skip.

When should I get my ADAS calibrated?

Most vehicles come with an ADAS calibration schedule that outlines when the system needs to be recalibrated. If your car’s manufacturer recommends that you get it checked every 5,000 miles or less frequently, then be sure to follow this guidance.

If your vehicle does not have an ADAS calibration schedule, then it’s up to you to keep tabs on when it needs to be recalibrated. You can do this by checking the status of your system from time to time. If any of its components appear damaged or broken, then get them repaired immediately.

You must also take your vehicle in for ADAS recalibration if it underwent a major repair. This is because when your car is repaired, it can have a different weight distribution than before. This can affect how the ADAS system works and may require recalibration to restore optimal functionality.


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